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2020 Run Vigor Virtual Results

Dear Runners,

The results of the 2020 virtual race are as follows:

2019 13.1 Training Schedule

This is the perfect Half Marathon Training Schedule to get you ready for the Vigor Big Cottonwood Canyon 13.1!!

Trail Series 2018 Overall Points

Dear Runners,

The winners of the 2018 series are as follows:

Trail Series 2017 Overall Points

Dear Runners,

The winners of the 2017 series are as follows:

Men: Tie between Anatoliy Zharkikh and Mark Jansen with 16 points

Women: Genevieve Keogh with 17 points

Each winner received an $100 Altra Running gift card.

Trail Series 2016 Overall Points

Dear Runners,

Below is the current overall points for the 2016 Trail Series. Those with the most overall combined points for the months of June, July and August will win a $100 gift card from Altra Running.

Coffee & Cocoa Serving Big Cotton Half Marathon Runners

Something so cool for our Vigor runners just happened late yesterday...

Perfect Wedding Rings for Sport Enthusiasts

enso rings

Enso Rings are the Safest; Most Versatile Silicone Rings on the Planet!

Let’s face it, traditional wedding rings get in the way of EVERYTHING! Sports, fun, play, swimming, exercise, work, your job and everything in between. And tragically, your ring can hurt you and most ring-related accidents often lead to permanent finger damage and amputation.

Vigor Medal Display

The perfect way to display your Vigor Medals.

Achieve Optimal Health and Nutrition

Do you experience pain, inflammation, cramping, digestive problems, arthritis, allergies, lack of energy, etc.? Let's take a look at why we experience these health issues and what we can do to achieve optimal health and nutrition.

Trail Series 2015 Overall Points

Dear Runners,

Below is the current overall points for the 2015 Trail Series. Congratulations to the 2015 Vigor Trail Series Winners Robert Steffens and Kendra Joseph!

About the SeatBrella

The SeatBrella® was designed for runners, fitness and sports enthusiasts to use after workouts to protect car seats from sweat, mud or dirt.