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Coffee & Cocoa Serving Big Cotton Half Marathon Runners

Something so cool for our Vigor runners just happened late yesterday...

About the SeatBrella

The SeatBrella® was designed for runners, fitness and sports enthusiasts to use after workouts to protect car seats from sweat, mud or dirt.

Active Planet Kids

Active Planet Kids is spreading the word for lifestyles of health, happiness, and longevity by supporting fitness events in communities nationwide, and by providing resource materials for parents and kids.

Discounts and Routes For Runners On the Go

If you’reinterested in saving money on races in Utah and on your next pair of runningshoes, check out and the Member Card.

Local formerAll-American BYU runner Rex Shields and his group have put together animpressive list of more than 300 races, running stores and sports-relatedbusinesses around the nation to offer discounts to runners. About 100 of thoseare in the Utah area. Their purpose is

We Won!

We feel so honored to have won City Weekly’s Best Of Award for our Vigor Big Cottonwood Canyon Half Marathon. Here is what they had to say...

Food Drive

We are excited to announce a food drive that we will be doing in conjunction with our Vigor 5K Winter Obstacle Course! We are especially thrilled to be working with the local Christian Center of Park City to make this happen.

Perfect Snow

We have had the best snow this winter and we couldn't be more happy about it. All this snow in the valley means the snow at Wasatch Mountain State Park is absolutely perfect. PERFECT! We went up there this weekend and are more stoked than ever before.

Stay in Shape this Winter

We have been planning and dreaming about this race for a long time. Remember when you were a kid and it snowed? You had so much fun playing in it, building a snowman, and creating memories. Well, this is the same thing... except for adults.